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About Us

The Ultimate Partner for OEMs

Located in central Missouri, Total Powder Coat and Finish offers both batch and automated powder coating services, along with a variety of other value-added services such as light assembly, kitting, inventory management, and logistics support. Our batch system enables us to run smaller batches of parts that are manually coated in our 20-foot booth and oven. Meanwhile, our automated, chain-driven line can accommodate parts up to 54 inches long within a window of 71 by 15 inches, passing through our fully automated, quick color change booth.

Why Choose Total Powder Coat & Finish?​

Relentless Commitment to Quality

Since 2016, our dedication to quality has never wavered. Our adherence to rigorous standards and our commitment to customer satisfaction have cemented our reputation in the industry, as evidenced by our PACCAR certification.

Strategic Location

Nestled in the heart of Missouri, we're positioned to serve the entire North American continent efficiently. This prime location ensures streamlined logistics and rapid response times, meaning your products get to market faster.

Comprehensive Finishing Services

We're not just about powder coating; we're about perfection in every layer. Our state-of-the-art facility boasts a robust powder coating track system capable of managing a diverse array of shapes and sizes.

At Total Powder Coat & Finish, we’re not just a service provider — we’re your partner in excellence. Contact us now to begin a conversation about how we can serve your OEM needs and beyond.

Spacious Warehousing

Our sprawling 40,000-square-foot storage space stands ready to securely house your inventory. We flexibly store your parts until they’re called to action, ensuring they reach your customers or sub-suppliers exactly when needed.

Optimized Shipping Solutions

Utilize our wide range of shipping options for seamless deliveries. We guarantee punctual and secure transportation directly to your customers, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Reach out to Total Powder Coat & Finish today and discover how we can elevate your large-scale powder coating needs with efficiency and excellence.